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Instant 6v Flat Pack Low Self Discharge LSD Batteries


Instant Low Self Dischage flat pack at 6v

These batteries are the latest generation of cells which have about  the lowest self discharge rates available*.

Unlike older style batteries which would discharge themselves fairly rapidly after charging these cells hold their charge for longer.

RX Pack 6v Nimh NEW Technology SQ 

Made from 5 x AA 2300mAh Nimh packs

Weight : 140g
Capacity : 2500mAh Measured at 140mA (0.2C) discharge.
Max Discharge Current : 7,200mA (7.2 Amps)
Max Charge Current : 2500mA
Fitting : Futaba

6 months About 80% of charge is held
12 months About 70% of charge is held (normal nimh would be empty)

AA NiMh Rechargeable Batteries in case NEW Technology "Instant Batteries"

What's New?

1. The batteries are ready to use as soon as you have removed them from
their packing.

2. They will stay ready for use for over a year without the need to recharge
We sell AA 2700mAh capacity batteries which are the best you can buy but even 
they slowly drain down without being in any apliance.

The NEW Instant batteries do not drain like that, if you charge a 
pack up for your radio and do not use it for 10 weeks it will still be 
ready to play, where as the old Ni-MH type would be very low on capacity.

3. If you want to recharge your batteries after some use you only charge what you 
have used and not wasted extra time and cost on charging batteries that have just 
let their power drain away.

4. Your normal Ni-MH charger will be fine no new charger needed.

  • Model: VAP25006

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