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 Can be used as a check for your RPM before you fly. Simple and effective.


Connects via the output lead on a RCEXL unit or to other manufacturers units via a Y lead which is also supplied. Connects between the Hall sensor and the ignition system


1:Use  P1C16f628a microcontrollers

2:Do not need batteries, power from the ignition

3: Standard Futaba Plug(Black-negative Red-Postive and White-Signal)

4:Using high-brightness LED digital tube

5:Input voltage range: 3.5V -8.4V

6:Current consumption 25mA-60mA

7:Mini tachometer indicates up to 30000rpm

8:Actual RPM=Display digital *10

9:Body size:41mm L*17mm W*12mm H

10: Window size:30mm L*15mm H

11:Weight: 8.5g(0.3OZ)


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