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RCEXL Single Ignition for 14mm Plugs


Perfect for that replacement, upgrade or conversion that needs doing. The RCEXL units are superb and well known for their power and reliability.

Three leads, one to the sensor, one to the Battery and one to connect to the optional Tacho.

Plus of course your plug lead and even a battery connector lead is provided if you don't have one.


Suitable for Spark Plug:   NGK-BPMR6F-14MM (not included)

Working Voltage:  4.8-6V

Plug Type:  FUTABA

Weight:  133g

Included Parts:

CDI Unit

Spiral Wrap

Lead Lock

90 Degree Spark Plug Cap*1pcs

Sensor Bracket x 2, Mounting Screws (enables you to fit to differing size crankcase).



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