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Voltspy / voltage checker 4.8v 6v switchable.


Voltspy, voltage monitor, voltchecker call them what you will but please put one in your model. These small light and unobtursive has saved many models from damage due to low batteries and this one is no different.


7 segment LED, simply shows, Green or Red for fly or don't. switchable between 4.8 and 6v supplies these check your voltage before you fly and can indicate a low battery or an issue with a high loading servo.

With todays reliance on peak detect chargers etc it is can be difficult to know if the battery is charged fully or not. Add one of these in the cockpit, side or anywhere on your model, and you can often see them from the ground, giving a bright red led if there is an issue and agreen if all indicates good.

Simply plugs into a spare channel on your reciever or a Y lead if you don't have a spare, side mounted swtich changes between 4.8v and 6v as necessary and the included double sided foam tape simply mounts this switch in your plane.

Voltspys give a great indication of your current battery level, but cannot predict the future. For safety reasons you should always ensure your batteries are charged, in good condition and have the expected capacity.


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