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Mini Digital Anemometer


Product Description

This unit is an ideal tool for windsurfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying and mountaineering. It can also be used for industrial and home purposes such as measuring wind speed and temperature of CPU computer fans, air-conditioners, air blowers, etc.

  • Measures wind speed and temperature
  • Wind speed range: 0 ro 30m/s
  • Wind temperature range: negative 10 to positive 45 degrees Celsius (14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Current/ Maximum/Average wind speed reading
  • Wind speed unit: m/s,Km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
  • Temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Auto/Manual power off
  • Power supply: 3V CR2032 (included)
  • Weight:135g
  • Dimension: 105*59*23 mm

Direction for use:

  • Press MODE more than 2 seconds to turn on the unit
  • When the unit is turned on, press MODE more than 3 seconds to activate MODE selection
  • Press SET to choose wind speed unit and Cu/MAX/AVG reading
  • Press MODE again to confirm the setup
  • Press MODE plus SET to turn off the unit
  • Use a pin to change temperature unit C/F at the back side

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