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23 x 8 Carbon Fibre Propeller



Size:  23 x 8 inch



  • Material:  Carbon fiber
  • Bore: 10mm
  • Net Weight:  204g
  • Suitable Engines:  50CC
  • RPM:  6500~8000 


  •  The steels are imported from Germany and Japan to make the mould.
  • The centre hub is made of polyyoxymethylene resin, very strong and can not cause compressed cracks.
  • Inside the propeller is carbon fiber silk, not hollow, the finish is a beautiful high gloss, clear epoxy gel-coat cover 3-layer 3K Black woven carbon fiber fabric.


These propellers are CNC machined, then hand finished to balance. All are factory balanced.


A cost effective alternative to Mejzlik props.



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