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Skyartec Cessna 182 Replacement / Upgrade Brushless Motor


Finding the correct replacement motor for your Cessna 182 can be a tricky affair. Make sure you have the right motor so you maintain the correct balance between perfomance, and lifespan of your batteries and speed controller.

At Skyartec we have carefully selected and tested replacement motors and found this unit to a great match for the Cessna whilst giving a slight power increase.

This motor has been tested with the existing battery, speed controller and propeller to work with the Skyartec Cessna. 

Kv: 1650 rpm/v
Voltage:7.4~11.1v (2~3s)
No load Current: 1.3A
Max Current: 22A
Max Power: 250W
Shaft Size : 3mm
Shaft Length: 28mm
Dimension: 28mm x 17mm
Weight: 50g

Recommended Prop: 8x6 SF (Skyartec one) and go easy with the full throttle or better to use the 8x3.8 which matches perfectly, great climb and accelleration too. Props are coming and are available  here

If you want to up grade the ESC as well then we would recommend this 35A one from Skyartec.

Due to the current rating of this motor we cannot guarantee the effect on your ESC. We would recommend the replacement of the ESC but are aware that this plane can be run with the original ESC and this motor if the throttle is not run flat out at all times.

Due to a spec change this needs a slight adjustment of the holes on the backplate to fit the existing Mounting Plate (shelf). The motor needs nuts and bolts to mount the motor. This is not an upgrade kit from Brushed to Brushless, talk to us if this is what you need.

  • Model: BL001+

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