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DLE20RA 20cc Rear exhaust RC petrol engine.


The DLE20-RA is a rear exhaust, rear carb engine for scale and aerobatic aircraft. High performance, reliable operation and great backup mean these engines have become a firm favourite within many aspects of the RC community. Often directly replacing the 120 four stroke they make for a great upgrade and first foray into RC petrol power.


Performance :


  Idle Speed :

1750 rmp/min

  Static Thrust :

6.3kg/100 meters  Altitude

  Static Thrust :

5.6kg/1800 meters  Altitude

  Recommended Propeller :

14x10 ; 15x8 ; 16 x6 ; 17x6 ;

  Spark Plug Type :


  Displacement :


  Diameter × Stroke :


  Compression Ratio :


  Lubrication Ratio :


  Weight of Main Engine :


  Weight of Exhaust :


  Weight of Ignition :


  Ignition voltage:



All of the DLE Engines we supply are 100% Genuine, we are aware there are apparently some fake DLE engines out there but we can assure our customers that our engines are genuine.


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  • Manufactured by: DLE

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