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OPto Isolated RC Engine Switch With BEC

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 This device allows you to safely and remotely kill your electronic ignition equipped engine from your transmitter.

Igniton system is Optically Coupled to isolate your igniton system from your radio  system. (No Interference!!)
Complete with BEC to run from up to 13v, and output a stabilised 5.2 / 6v
This device features the following:
1. Includes a remote mountable bright LED to indicate when the ignition is armed.
2. Optically coupled input/output.
3. Li-Po/Li-lon/A123/Ni-Mh/NiCad battery Input.
4. Low Voltage Drop-Less than 150mv.
5. 100% Surface Mount Technology for reliabilty.
6. Heavy Gauge Wires,universal connectors.
7.Small and light weight –only 0.4 OZ!(15g)
8.Reverse Bettery input protection.
9. Shutting down the transmitter power or receiver will automatically cut off the engine.
This device plugs into a spare receiver channel, assign to a switch on the TX 
This is a must have safety device for any gas powered plane!
This device allows you to safely kill your engine at anytime (on the 
ground ,or in the air!)
When TX reception is lost Engine is stopped
Engine also stops if reciever is switched off
Ultimate safety, backs up your failsafe, imagine a reciever battery failure, a servo failure, this will still stop your engine.

Integrated CDI remote flameout switch, making flying safer

²  Independent CDI power supply socket. Receiver power completely separates with the CDI power, so you should not worry about that CDI arouses high frequency signal will interfere the receiver

²  2-3S lithium or the A123 directly to the battery power supply can be used directly

²  UBEC / CDI function, simply CDI output shorted cap pull out the can when the UBEC

²  using switch channel of the remote control to control the CDI (usually use the fifth channel)

²  Pair of brown led display the receiver’s supply voltage, (4.8V or 6V can be set free) it can effectively to avoid receiving power shortage in the control.

²  The unique low voltage police maintain order, when the working electricity is large, and the voltage is for less than 4. 2V or 5V (being survey in 6V) with 3 seconds, the red led light will sharp all the times until the user changes the battery or the battery in charge.

How to set the voltage in 4.8V or 6V:

The default detect voltage is 4.8V while leave the factory. If the receiver uses 4 ni-mh batteries, please choose 4.8V voltage for detecting. If the receiver uses 5 ni-mh batteries, please choose 6V voltage for detecting

²  Connect the sign wire to the receiver.

²  Turn on the receiver’s power.

²  The red led light flashes rapidly (means on 4.8V voltage detecting), the green led light flashes rapidly (means on 6V voltage detecting).

²  If you want to change the voltage detect value, please do as follows:

1. Turn off the receiver’s power.

2. Short circuit the red led line and the green led line.

3. Turn on the receiver’s power.

4. Wait for 2 seconds.

5. Remove the short

(When you do all this, the voltage is set. You can turn on the power after turn off the power to test if it is ok. If not, please redo the steps above.)



voltage light’s status

the green light on

the green light flash

the red light on

the red light flash

voltage detect in 5V

voltage above 4.8V



voltage less than 4.2V

voltage detect in 6V

voltage above 6V



voltage less than 5V


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