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Brushed motor all metal gear Smoke oil pump

Starting at: £37.24

Electric oil Pump /Electric gear pump /Pulling smoke pump 

Powered by a 360 class carbon brush with high efficiency motor and stainless steel gear. Anodised Alloy Pump body is made by CNC machine.

Voltage is 4.8v-6.0v,  Suction height is up to 40cm, 

Can use it as a normal oil pump and smoke oil pump.

Comes complete with mount.


Needs switch or Brushed ESC for control. Select Below for Brushed ESC compatible with this product.


See our range of Smoke Exhausts as well.

Brushed Motor Alloy Body Front View

Alloy Body Brushed Motor Smoke Pump

30 Brushed ESC for Smoke Pump

Optional ESC, with Arming Switch, 'Live' LED.

Spec: 4.8 to 6V


 Dimensions for Metal Geared smoke Pump


This item is "Direct Delivery" Click for More info

This item is Direct Delivery, Click for More information about Direct Delivery



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30 A ESC


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