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GeeBee Model Y Senior Sportster


 The GeeBee Model Y was also called the Senior Sportster and hails from the 1930's and is the sister plane to the GeeBee Racer, or GeeBee R2.

Geebee Model Y

The Senior Sportster has plenty of wing area and great flying and handling manners so there is no worries of flying this baby.

This is a big bird and includes full accessories, including high quality horns and clevices, Sprung oleos and a huge cowl along with the spats, both of which are constructred from fibreglass and of course pre-finished in paint to match the rest of the model.

Carbon wing joiners and a removable top canopy area provide great ease of access and transportation as well as hidden fittings, all of which makes for a stunning model of this Golden Age aircraft.

Geebee Model Y canopy area Senior Sportster

geebee model Y RC Senior SportsterFlying manners are impeccable by the way and ours flies on a 45cc

CRRC with a pitts style silencer.

GeeBee Model Y Specifications:

Wing Span:  2474mm/ 97.4in

Length:  1828mm/ 72in

Wing Area:

Flying Weight:   8000-8400g

Fuselage Material:  balsa


1. Designed with scale finish

2. The wing is fixed with carbon fiber tube, light, stiff and strong as well as very convenient to install.

3. Includes CNC anti-vibration landing gear

Requirements for Ready to Fly Complete Set (need buy separately): 

²  Engine Size:  50-60cc Honestly, we fly ours on a CRRC 45 (EME 60 would be wonderful)

²  Radio:  4-6 Channels, at least 6 servos (10-15KG torque)

²  Propeller:  22*8, 22*10

²  Spinner:  3.5in

²  Receiver Battery:  4.8-6V

²  Power Switch:  twin power switch (one for the receiver, one for the ignition CDI)

²  Fuel line - oh go on, we'll include that too - just remind us.



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