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Yak 54 73" Carbon Edition. New In.


Yak 54 CArbon Edition

This Yak 54 follows the trend started with our Slick 540 with its Carbon Wing and Tail joiners and Carbon undercarriage.

Add to this the Recessed Cowl Ring, Full hardware pack superb finish and the great handling you have come to expect from Skyartec supplied aircraft and you know you are onto a winner.


Why not look at the CRRC 40 and apitts silencer as a power plant for this model, We have flown it with this and can confirm it is awesome.


Other colours available, see images below, Just let us know when ordering Blue / White or Red Yellow. 




Wing Span:    73in(1853mm)

Length:    67in (1690mm)

Flying Weight:    4200-5000g 

Equipped Fuel Tank:   380ml/380cc

Center-of-Gravity Location:    155mm


Needed to finish this model                                                                           

Gas Engine:    30-40cc CRRC GF40i or EME 35

Radio Control:    at least 6 channels, 6 servos

Servo:    10-15KG*6pcs MG996's           

Propeller:    18*6, 18*8, 18*10, 19*6, 19*8, 19*10, 20*8 

Spinner:  3.5in

Receiver Battery:  4.8V-6.2V 1200-2000mah

Twin Switches:  one for the receiver, the other for CDI Have a look at our twin switches

Fuel Line Ask and you shall receive :-)

Shipping Information - We ship worldwide! Ask us for a quote..... 



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This item is Direct Delivery, Click for More information about Direct Delivery

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