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4 Channel 2.4Ghz RC 2000mm TW-742-III PHOENIX Aerobatic PNF EPO


The Phoenix 2000 Glider really is a cracking glider, with a well matched power power plant and battery this aircraft climbs quickly and efficiently to height.


Once up there the glider has is smooth handling with a low glidae angle. It covers the sky well as you search out the lift.


Want to turn things up a bit? this one can really respond for you.

The four function radio enables rolls loops, outside loops, reversals and many other maneouvers and the motor used when neceessary turns this well manaered glider into a great aerobat

Use the power where necessary and flight times are great, well in excess of 15 minutes without any lift and about 2/3 battery use.

Pre-installed 2815 1050kv Brushles motor

30A ESC with BEC

4 x 9g servos, option to add two more and enable the preformed flaps (this are optional)

Wing and tailplane construction is EPO foam with Carbon Joiners / reinforcement. EPO fin & rudder with a high impact plastic fuselage make this model a superb choice for the both beginners and more experienced flyers.

All items are plug in and bolt in including tailplane fin and wings. The clip on secure canopy covers the batteries and motor finishing the model to a great standard.


  • Super strong gauge foam wings.

  • Servos and speed controller are pre-installed.

  • Pre-install 2815/1050kv brushless motor

  • Fine trim adjustment and servo reverse function on all channels.

  • Full set includes aircraft, radio controller, battery charger, lipo battery, owners manual.

Plug N Fly - Just add your own RX, and battery to bind to your TX. Why not add an Orange RX from here or the Delta 8 RX, both these options are selectable below.

Buzzing around with our Phoenix. a nice stable glider with a good soaring performance until someone puts one of our Mobius Cameras on it.


See the vid here


Recommended to go full screen YouTube and Full HD (click settings in bottom right corner). Even this is only as good as Youtube will serve, and leaves some to be desired from the original quality.

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