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Skyartec Funjet / Skyfun RX 2.4Ghz Option


 Receiver included

Skyartec Funjet / Skyfun Brushless Lipo

The Skyartec Skyfun / Funjet with Delta Mixing has a wide aerobatic capability but can also slow down and fly very slowly when necessary. The Airframe is Sky foam and all radio is included. Top speed 100kph.

  • 80%Factory assembled
  • Very light but strong and resilient foam -  the Skyfun featres light weight and high strength character.   
  • Designed for use with 11.1V 1100mAh Lipo battery pack (Not included)
  • The elevator and aileron controls are mixed from the transmitter.
  • Suitable for beginner with experienced assistance but great for advanced fliers too
  • Top speed up to 100kph but also capable of very slow flight
  • Stable flight and very easy to control.
  • Great at slow-speed and high-speed high altitude flight.
  • Great for restricted-space and low altitude flight.
  • Excellent stability and control.It can perform various aerial acrobatics
  • Elegant design.
  • Quick assembly
  • Super tough, lightweight airframe!
  • Shock Resistant Reinforced Fuselage and Strong Wings 
  • Superb Quality,
  • Detailed Body Structure
  • Slow Speed Flying Capable, Good for Beginner
  • 10 to 15 minutes flight time
  • All spare parts and accessories are available 


  • Dimension: 700mmX875mmX170mm
  • Wingspan: 875mm
  • Length:700mm
  • Height::170mm
  • Motor: 1800kV BL-250
  • ESC:25A
  • Battery: 11.1V  1100mAh Li-po
  • Servo: weight- 9g.speed- 0.17sec/60o(4.8V)/torque -1.0kg/cm(4.8V)/dimension -22.5 X12.8 X 23.7mm
   Included accessories:
Multi Protocol 2.4 Ghz Receiver, JR, Spektrum DSM2 / DSMX 6ch or Futaba S-FHSS/FHSS 6ch. 
2 X9g servos,
1800KV Brushless motor,
25A ESC,
11.1V LI-PO 1100mah,
12v Balance charger & mains adaptor
Spare prop
 Skyartec Funjet Rear View
Supplied with Clear Canopy

  • Manufactured by: Skyartec

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