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EMP C series 2836 750kv 2-4s


Matched to the EMP 11x5.5 composite prop this 750kv motor is great on performance and a great match for our 37.5" range of WM Aerobatic aircraft this motor is both cost effective and a great performer.


  • KV Value (RPM/V): 750
  • Motor Diameter (mm): 28
  • Motor Length (mm): 36
  • Shaft Length (mm): 13
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 4
  • Banana Plug Diameter (mm): 3.5
  • Power (W): 300
  • No-load Current (A): 0.6
  • Number of Windings: 12
  • Internal Resistance (ohm): 0.143
  •  Weight (g): 67
  • No-load Speed:   7125-7875rpm/min

Includes full accessory pack

Prop adaptor, Bullet style domed prop nut, rear mount and screws, plus pre-soldered bullet connectors and the female side ready for your ESC to be soldered to.

EMP C series 2836 750kv 2-4s 


Normally UK Stock!


  • Model: C2836-750

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