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Instant TX battery pack


 TX Pack 9.6v 2500mAh Nimh Square style for  JR ETC radios

Made from 8 x AA 2500mAh Nimh

Weight : 230g
Capacity : 2300mAh though we have exceeded this on a cycle
Max Discharge Current : 7.5A - 7500mah
Max Charge Current : 1.2A though we recommend 1A max for battery life
Fitting : JR etc (small white JST tyrpe connector, JR / Spektrum style

These packs are made from the newest technology high capacity LSD cells.
They can do the same as any high capacity AA cells and have Low Self Discharge

6 months About 80% of charge is held
12 months About 70% of charge is held
Compare that toa  NiMh


1. The batteries are ready to use as soon as you have removed them from
their packing.

2. They will stay ready for use for over a year without the need to recharge

The NEW Instant batteries do not drain like older NiMh batteries.

3. Only charge what you used since your last charge. Charge when you get home as long as you use your radio regularly no need to re-charge before next use. Always ready

4. Your normal Ni-MH charger will be fine no new charger needed.

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