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WM 55in Slick540 50E balsa airplane




Wing span: 55in (1400mm)
Lengh: 524in (1320mm)
Weight: 1620-1820g (battery not included)

Equipment required:

-- Motor: 900-1000W, 200-230g, 4250-4255, 3520-3720, brushless outrunner 
-- ESC: 60A-80A
-- Servo: 30-40g, 3-6kg/cm, plastic gear
-- Battery: 4S 3300-3700mah; 6S 2200-2600mah
-- Prop: 14*7E
-- Spinner: 57MM

Recommended setup 1:

-- Motor: Dualsky XM4255EA-5/710KV
-- ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 60A
-- Servo: Hitec HS-5245MG
-- Prop: APC 14*7E
-- Battery: 4S 3700mah 35C
-- Spinner: GF 57MM

Recommended setup 2:

-- Motor: Dualsky XM4250CA-7/720KV
-- ESC: Hobbywing Flyfun 60A
-- Servo: Futaba S3001
-- Prop: APC 14*7E
-- Battery: 4S 3700mah 35C
-- Spinner: GF 57MM













Not too sure about the Slick Aircraft range. Have a look at their own videos.

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