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About RC Models

Radio Control as a hobby.

There are many aspects to radio Control, or RC as it is also known, from aircraft to boats and cars to tanks this absorbing hobby is multifaceted to say the least.

Each primary discipline is ofted subdivided into many smaller disciplines, Aircraft in particular splits so many ways. Aircrafrt for instance split into fixed wing and helicopter, fixed wing then splits into powered and non powered. taking powered fixed wing aircraft there are power systems such as electric and fuel powered and then there are many different types, scale, racing, aerobatic, endurance, lightweight, sports etc.

Each person tends to gravitate towards the discipline that interests them most, but these can develop as people become more interested in the hobby. For instance someone with a strong technical influence or interese may chose to go towards Scale RC modelling, which at the highest level has some excellent technical challenges to be achieved and overcome, or they may opt for the high performance speed and racing classes of RC. 

Radio Control as a hobby is an immersing interest, it teaches a great deal, both about technology, including ineternal combustion engines and how they work, the difference between two and four stroke. how electic motors operate etc. As well as this the hobby aslo bring in the understanding of technical limitations, operating envelopes and efficiencies. This all serves to equip the hobbyist in skills for life that it would be difficult to obtain elsewhere.

An example of the skills obtained could be a high level scale Radio control aircraft project - As well as the obvious building technologies and techniques, the modeller would be presented with options for the radio control, installation, siting, and connection to the control surfaces in a scale manner. also the installation of the scale retract undercarriage may involve the installation of the electrical components to operate the undercarriage controls, the link up to possibly the air retract system and the mechanical installation and adjustment of the retractable undercarriage units and the undercarriage legs and wheels.

Of course there is also the other end of the hobby where aircraft are complete and just require a small amount of final assembly. These are no less rewarding for the right person and provide a superb way for a modeller that has limited time to spend on their chosen R/C discipline to enjoy the hobby.

Please feel free to take a look around our online shop and please feel free to ask a question cia our Contact Us page. though we are online, we are also very helpful to the raw beginner and expereinced modeller alike.