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Our Planes

The aircraft we sell follow a tried and tested common formula.


Petrol and Nitro Planes

Our Petrol and Nitro planes will typically be made from a range of materials but the airframe will more than likely be a combination of light plywood, plywood and balsa with certain components wither being moulded plastic, or Glass Reinforced Plastic, (GRP) These models are normally designated as ARTF or Almost Ready To Fly. They will need final assembly including glueing and screwing together, including correct alignment of the airframe components and possible fitting of space sensitive compnents such as tank restraints etc.

These aircraft are generally more traditionally built have a structure consisting ot ribs, spars, formers, bulkheads etc. They will likely be covered in our premium covering material which is colour matched to major film amnufacturers or they will be covered in Oracover or Profilm and parts such as cowls, spats etc may well be painted to match the covering.

Power for these models come from petrol engines - glow engines and now electric power and petrol / glow engine powered models will have a fuel tak supplied, normally with a glow compatible tank bung, please advise us if you are to use it with petrol and we will replace this for you.

Radio gear is obviously specific to the size of the model and thier requirements with a specific note towards the servos, and battery power required. We can advise accordingly and supply most RC gear as necessary.

Common inclusions for our ARTF aircraft.

All airframe components built and ready for final assembly. (surfaces to be hinged, tailplane etc to be mounted)
All accessories such as wheels, undercarriage, fuel tank, horns, pushrods and clevices as appropriate
All screws, bolts, collets and most often an engine mount as necessary
Full set of instructions

RC Model parts
Example Profile model kit coponents


Foam and EPO Planes

The airframes are made from EPO, or Elapor, otherwise known as Expanded Polyolefin. This material has the holy grail of aircraft materials being light and strong and capable of being injection moulded to shape. This produces a highly accurate, consistently repeatable structure which has many benefits over traditional wood and composite structure. Incident (Ok, lets call it crash) surviveability is greatly increased. Many light bumps on an EPO airframe would cause significant damage on a traditionally built RC model, heavier impacts which would close on destroy a wooden or composite aircraft need nothing more that a pull out of the foam, sometimes a little hot water is used to re-expand the foam. Major impacts which may cause the foam to break are quickly and simply repaired using some BBQ skewers and some hot glue. Simples ;-)

Power source comes from Lipo batteries, these tried and tested batteries give excellent results when married to the correct power unit and airframe. The low internal resistance of Lipo batteries provide a long shelf life and good power release to the speed controller and the motor. The speed controllers provide the controlled power to the motor and a power output to power your reciever and servos. The brushless motors achieve an efficiency and power output never possible in standard brushed motors. This all provides a power to weight ratio which is impressive to say the least. Only a few years ago, the cost of one of our aircraft could have been spent on a motor and then spent on batteries again, now you get the plane, motor, radio, batteries speed controller and charger all in one.

Transmitter, Reciever and Servos. These are standard units, no special all in one boards, no replacing the whole unit just because one component has been damaged - and when you finally decide to move to a new model, these units can be removed from this model and utilised for many years to come. All our aircraft that have Transmitter and Reciever included are now 2.4Ghz units. The superb Sky705 Transmitter even plugs into your computer to allow you to precicely set the radio to do what you want it to though it does all come pre-set of course.

Our aircraft do come ready for final assembly, this may mean about 1/2 an hours work, which is a great way to become familiarised with your aircraft. not much is required, simple mounting of a couple of components and glueing together of a couple of bits will do it. This can all be accomplished while your batteries charge - did we mention that you also get a charger for your flight batteries?

Common inclusions for our RTF aircraft.

  • Airframe, complete and ready for final assembly. Often with decals ready applied.
  • Radio Control. 2.4Ghz Transmitter, Reciever, Servos, speed controller and connectors
  • Batteries and charger
  • Instructions
  • USB Lead and software
  • Spares as necessary (Spare prop for instance)